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Transparency via non-stop competition

All trading systems that publish their trades on QuantGeeks are automatically entered in our leaderboard competition. The leaderboard is split into three sections: an "all time" top leaderboard, a monthly performance leaderboard and a weekly one. This allows the top traders to shine but give newcomers a chance to get noticed. All statistics are updated hourly. The transparency in logging and comparing your own trading system approaches with others allows you to become a better trader and discover systems that actually work!

Earn money by sharing your strategies

If you developed your expertise and consistently outperform the market, there are a lot of other traders who would like to learn from you. QuantGeeks has mastered exchange adapters that allow us to mirror any trades executed on our platform directly on a range of exchanges. You earn 50% of any monthly AutoTrader subscription that follows you and 5% of every monthly profit that your followers gain using your system! Win-win for everyone.

Market: Bitcoin Tether
Amount: 100%

Your actual profit is +5.81%

And that's how you share your signals with QuantGeeks!

Have best performing bots and traders select trades for you

Find trading systems that fit your risk and capital the most and subscribe. Select from an ever growing pool of competitive automated trading systems that will trade on your behalf and perform even when you are asleep. Discuss the various trading strategies with others and enjoy strategies that are backtested and trade live capital with actual money at risk.

Why We’re The Best

QuantGeeks Leaderboard, AutoTrade and custom Strategies offers a one of a kind social trading platform for anyone interested to take their crypto trading to the next level

  • A wide variety of slow and fast fully automated and backtested trading systems.
  • A platform to log your trades and monitize your own trading strategies.
  • A transparent environment to compare everyone's performance and find better traders.
  • An automated way to copy trades executed on your favorite exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, FTX, OKEx or Huobi
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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to share your own strategy?
You don't need any money to get started. All trades that you enter on QG are on live data but on a virtual paper account. There is no limit on the strategies that you can create! Each new virtual account starts with a balance of $10,000. You can select from various crypto coin pairs and select any amount of your virtual balance for each trade. However, at the moment you have to close open trades before opening another trade (no parallel trades). We are excited to see if YOU can unseat our top traders and beat our bots!
Do I need any money or an existing account to sell my trading strategy?
While it is theoretically possible it is against our terms and conditions. If you have to trade a position in your account dedicated to QuantGeeks trading system, we require a 24 hour prior notification and might cancel your subscription otherwise. There is a chance for the trading system to get confused by your account equity changes which will negatively impact your bots performance. We recommend setting up a second trading account if possible.
How often do you update the leaderboard?
The leaderboard gets updated every hour.
Can I subscribe to multiple strategies?
Yes! Once you signup for autotrading and provide your API keys, you can subscribe to a variety of trading strategies - bots and human.
Do I need a separate account for each bot/strategy?
Yes! In order for the trading system not to get confused, we currently require you to have a separate trading account for each bot with its own individual trading API keys. Some exchanges allow multiple bots to be run on one exchange. Please contact us if you have questions.
What happens after I subscribe?
Once we receive your monthly server hosting service subscription, we'll contact you via your subscription email. We will then launch your autotrading system with the initial capital available in your trading account as soon as our trading system receives the next trading signal. Depending on which signals you are subscribed to, the autotrading system will execute those trade signals on your behalf.
Can you recommend the *best* bot setup for my account? i.e., which algorithms, how many, etc.
Take a look at our all time leaderboard but also be aware of the weekly and monthly "newcomers" that might indicate bots/systems that are currently doing very well. You might notice such new contenders in the shorter timeframe leaderboards first.
If I understand correctly, I will provide you with buy/sell API(s), which exclude Withdrawal
Correct! we do NOT want your withdrawal API key. Almost all exchanges let you create API keys that can only be used for trading and to get information on your balance etc. We do NOT need an API key with withdrawal turned on! This is for your own safety. After receiving the API key, you'll pay a flat monthly fee which we use for server maintenance. Only in a month where you make profits on your account we will invoice you via paypal at the end of the month for the 10%. If you start the service in the middle of a month, we'll typically start counting 10% from the beginning of the next full month and consider the remaining days of the current month your "trial" period in which we only charge the server hosting fee.
How can I reach you if I have questions?
You can reach us via email, phone or live chat.

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