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Select one of our 8 bots. Popular choices include our four hour BTC-USD trend trading bot.

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Provide your API keys for trading/viewing. We support Bitmex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, OKEx, Huobi, Binance, Binance US and Binance Futures.

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Our trend trading bots have consistently beaten the market

Since launching QuantGeeks we have made it a point to publish all our trading signals. These trend trading bots have bucked the crypto down markets and their performance astounded our signal receiving clients and business partners. Now, for the first time, we offer automated trade placing integration allowing our select customers to automatically receive Quantgeek signals and allow our bots to trade on their behalf on some of the leading exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, OKEx and Huobi.


Trend Trading Strategies


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Take the guesswork out of trading
Deploy a proven trading system

Extensively backtested

Our current core trend trading strategy bot "ALIE" was designed using crypto market data and proprietary indicator research in 2016. After almost a year of experimenting we honed in on a strategy that bucked the trend and seemed to preserve capital well even in downturns and markets. One main goal for us was to achieve a low drawdown while still being able to capture trend movements.

Truly battle-tested

After deploying ALIE trend trading bots on Quantgeeks accounts (live and paper) we experienced the power of our automated trend trading system first hand: When the crypto markets collapsed in 2018 our bots bucked the trend and in some cases kept beating the market, waiting patiently for a return of the bulls but taking great care in preserving capital and capitalizing on any minute upswing.

Opening up more seats

We decided to add more customers to the few and select accounts on which we since have tested our strategies. Our bots place only Exchange Fee free LIMIT orders further minimizing the cost and improving the profit side. Thus far QuantGeeks only offers its trend trading bots for customers who have either a Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Kucoin, OKEx or Huobi account (Other exchanges can be supported upon request). You will retain full (viewing/trading) control over your account while our bot buys and sells based on our proprietary trading signals.

Why We’re The Best

QuantGeeks AutoTrade offers a one of a kind trading system for anyone interested to take their crypto trading to the next level

  • A fixed low-cost monthly server hosting fee.
  • We only charge 10% of profits for a month that the bots make a profit. No profits, no charge.
  • You are in control of your account.
  • A rigorously back-tested and market proven trend trading strategy.
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We offer the following bot strategies

Currently our second best performing bot. Low win-rate, larger drawdowns, but 1914% return. Learn More.

A very consistent bot with 44% win rate and 1080% return during the bear market. Hodler's life saver. Learn More.

QuantGeek's third best bot by performance. 58% win rate and a total return of 1391% since launch mid 2017. Learn More.

While initially lagging behind, with a current 60% win (1255% gain overall) this bot is currently impressing. Learn More.

What They Said

Lee Hansen

Chief Executive Officer, ByteFederal

We utilize QuantGeeks amazing trading signals for over a year now. They have helped us avoid market pitfalls and times of volatile market conditions. Highly recommended.

Dorian Black


This bot never stops impressing. In an absolutely brutal downmarket it retained my initial equity - even added profits to it. Can't wait to see it in a bull market.

Alex P.


You're so good at what you do! Thank you very much for this. I look forward to paying my first invoice, and I have never said that before in my life! Ha!

David Case


It is difficult to say no to a market trend identifying system - even when you are a hodler. There is just so much more BTC that this system allows me to add to my position.

Kenelia Deshmukh

Creative Director

I wish I had found Quantgeeks earlier. What impressed me the most? The team behind it. Legit software engineers, traders with profound knowledge, and a solid performance. No BS here.

Fair & Simple Pricing

Signals Only


  • For 1 bot
  • Email or SMS
  • No trade executions
  • Unlimited Support

Basic Plan


  • 1 account
  • 10% of monthly PROFITS
  • Anytime start/stop
  • Unlimited Support



  • 2 accounts
  • 10% of monthly PROFITS
  • Anytime start/stop
  • Unlimited Support



  • 3 accounts
  • 10% of monthly PROFITS
  • Anytime start/stop
  • Unlimited Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do USD do I have to have in my trading account to get started?
While you can start with about $2,000 to $4,000, we highly recommend our auto trading system for traders with a minimum account balance of $10,000 and up. Just consider that it takes the bots much longer to make significant gains for reinvestment at such small trading positions. However, if you do not care so much for a large return but use our autotrader to stay in the market yet preserve equity, i.e. "Hodling", it might still be worth the consideration even at smaller account balances. The bots will give you exposure to crypto when the market conditions shape up and could potentially turn into a solid trend, but they will also get out at opportune moments and stay in cash. Please contact us if your account balance exceeds $100,000.
Can I trade in my account while the bot is trading in the same account?
While it is theoretically possible it is against our terms and conditions. If you have to trade a position in your account dedicated to QuantGeeks trading system, we require a 24 hour prior notification and might cancel your subscription otherwise. There is a chance for the trading system to get confused by your account equity changes which will negatively impact your bots performance. We recommend setting up a second trading account if possible.
How much do you charge?
Our fees consist of two parts. We charge for the basic server hosting costs that allow us to run the bot on dedicated hardware, non-stop, 24/7. All the hardware monitoring, increased uptime and configuration / maintenance is included in this fee. We offer three subscription plans depending on how many bots you would like to run simulataneously. Our second fee is tied to our bot performance. If the bot does not make any profits in a given month, we will not charge you anything besides the base monthly server hosting subscription. However, if the bot does make a return on your capital, we will issue a paypal invoice totalling 10% of your monthly profits. That way your success is our success: win-win.
Can I cancel any time?
Yes! You may cancel at any time. Your server hosting subscription is paid in full at the beginning of each month for that particular month. If you cancel in the middle of a month, we will assess if the bot made any profits and invoice 10% of those profits. The other 90% are yours! (Traditional hedge funds charge 25% and up to 50% in the crypto world).
Do I need a separate account for each bot?
Yes! In order for the trading system not to get confused, we currently require you to have a separate trading account for each bot with its own individual trading API keys. Some exchanges allow multiple bots to be run on one exchange. Please contact us if you have questions.
What happens after I subscribe?
Once we receive your monthly server hosting service subscription, we'll contact you via your subscription email and request your preferred Exchange's API keys with a guide how you can find and properly set those. We will then launch your trading bot with the initial capital available in your trading account as soon as our trading system receives the next trading signal.
I have more than $50,000 to trade. What are some of the concerns?
A big concern of course is the liquidity of the exchange you are trading on. Some larger exchanges like Binance or Coinbase won't pose a problem especially if your trading volume allows you to minimize their fees. For smaller traders it makes more sense to seek out an exchange that waives the trading fees or offers reduced rates for limit orders.
Can you recommend the *best* bot setup for my account? i.e., which algorithms, how many, etc.
The interesting thing about the algorithms is that Bitcoin Fast and Slow used to be our best performing in 2017... these days it's Ethereum and Litecoin. Even though it is the same algorithm applied to these different markets. Therefore it is impossible to tell which coin will create a market that benefits the algorithm better. One way to go about it, however, is to pursue a constant process of re-evaluation. For instance to split your funds an allocate your largest fund with the top performer at the moment and a smaller percentage with the second best etc. Then, every six months, a re-balance of the portfolio shifts exposure to the bot with a better track record. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss this and other portfolio strategies.
If I understand correctly, I will provide you with buy/sell API(s), which exclude Withdrawal
Correct! we do NOT want your withdrawal API key. Almost all exchanges let you create API keys that can only be used for trading and to get information on your balance etc. We do NOT need an API key with withdrawal turned on! This is for your own safety. After receiving the API key, you'll pay a flat monthly fee which we use for server maintenance. Only in a month where you make profits on your account we will invoice you via paypal at the end of the month for the 10%. If you start the service in the middle of a month, we'll typically start counting 10% from the beginning of the next full month and consider the remaining days of the current month your "trial" period in which we only charge the server hosting fee.
Do you have any heuristics / tricks in place to adapt to severe market shifts?
If we take a look at the history so far.... the bots have caught great moves up, and have pulled out when markets turned brutally against Bitcoin/Ethereum etc. Even in conditions where the market suffered 30% moves in a day and 80% moves against the coin in a bear market. So in a case that a coin is in free fall, the bots most likely will cut losses faster than a human would react - in particular if this happens overnight. However there is no process of switching to a different coin that's automated or any automated shutdown. That's still in the customer's discretion.
Are there any other details which you'd like to share, anything interesting or pragmatic?
Yes. While the whole process is pretty straight forward, we recommend to perhaps start with a smaller amount. Say $5-10k to get a feel for how the bot(s) operate. We do see folks who aren't used to automatic trading freaking out when the bot makes these decisions. After a while they become very enamoured with the process - simply because it trades when they aren't around and it watches the market non-stop. But it takes a bit to get used to seeing the bot make these trading decisions.
How can I reach you if I have questions?
You can reach us via email, phone or live chat.

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